Streets of Paradise celebrates moving 100 people into homes

SARASOTA – Streets of Paradise, a non-profit that helps those less fortunate, celebrates a huge milestone of helping men and women living on the streets move into a home.

“We’re all very passionate to be able to help out the community and it’s our passion that fuels us and drives us,” Greg Cruz.

Cruz, founder of Streets of Paradise, and Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness have been helping those living on the streets find homes as part of their rapid rehousing process. The program provides free move in services to help furnish their new homes.

“It was actually the Suncoast Partnership to End Homelessness that reached out to us and let us now about this gap that needed to be filled,” said Cruz.

For almost a full year Cruz and his crew of volunteers have helped in moving in 100 people from the streets into a home.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to have been part of the process of moving 100 people from the streets into actual housing,” said Cruz. “It’s been an honor, our organization has been so grateful to have been part of that process.”

But it wasn’t all easy for Streets of Paradise. Cruz had to continuously rent out U-Haul trucks in order to assist in the move ins, until Allison Werner the broker owner of Couture Real Estate step up to give the non-profit a helping hand.    

“My sister and I asked them kinda what are your couple biggest needs like what can we help with and Cathy said what we really want a shower truck and we really could use a regular move in truck,” said Werner.

Werner helped in purchasing the moving truck making it easier for the weekly move in days Streets of Paradise helps in.

“Our growth signifies the need and also the amount of people that we’re able to reach so that’s a blessing all around the board,” said Cruz.

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